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Win 100 Bottles of Wine for the Winter!

What’s the best way to survive Edmonton winters?

Winning wine. Lots and lots of wine. 


With a $40 ticket purchase, you could be stocked for the season.

Enter before December 1 and support HIV Edmonton. 

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What You Can Win

A lot of lucky people are going to win a lot of wine.

Here’s the prize breakdown. 


GRAND PRIZE  100 bottles (25 per team member)  

2nd PRIZE  40 bottles (10 per team member) 

3rd PRIZE  28 bottles (7 per team member) 

4th PRIZE  20 bottles (5 per team member) 

Wine for Winter Details

Here's everything you need to know to know about our spin on Wine Survivor:

  • You can register as a team of four (4) or join as an individual

  • Cost to enter is $40.00 per person 

  • The deadline to enter is Friday, December 1

  • There’s no limit to entries purchased 

  • If you register as an individual, you will be placed on a team 

  • You can’t be on the same team twice, but you can be on multiple teams to increase your chance of winning 

  • Daily elimination draws will be held starting Monday, December 4, 2023

  • As long as one member of your team is still in the draw, your entire team is in the game 

  • Participants will be notified of the eliminations via a daily email and updates on the website 

  • The first full team eliminated will receive 4 bottles (1 per team member) as a consolation prize 

  • Winners will be announced the last day of the draw Wednesday, December 13, 2023

  • Winning teams must be able to pick up their prize in Edmonton, Alberta 

  • Must be 18+ to enter 

  • Total tickets available: 500 

  • License #657135

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Missed out on Wine for Winter but still want to support HIV Edmonton?


Wine for Winter supports HIV Edmonton – our local charity dedicated to making life better for people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. They focus on eliminating HIV transmission and AIDS-related deaths, while working to erase the stigma and discrimination faced by people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. 

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