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Thank you to everyone who decided to buy a ticket and get in on the fun!

We are currently doing daily eliminations, with the final draw being on Wednesday June 28th

Missed out on the fun but still want to help out HIV Edmonton?

Click the link and make a donation.



A lot of lucky people are going to win a lot of beer. Here’s the prize breakdown. 


GRAND PRIZE  200 beers (50 per team member)  

2ND PRIZE  120 beers (30 per team member) 

3RD PRIZE  80 beers (20 per team member) 

4TH PRIZE  40 beers (10 per team member) 


Check out the local breweries that are in on the fun! Most of them have a taproom you can swing by in the city!

Want to try some of this great beer in the comfort of your backyard? Head to our partner The Tipsy Liquor to stock up.

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  • You can register as a team of four (4) or join as an individual

  • Cost to enter is $35.00 per person 

  • The deadline to enter is Friday, June 16th, 2023 

  • There’s no limit to entries purchased 

  • If you register as an individual, you will be placed on a team 

  • You can’t be on the same team twice, but you can be on multiple teams to increase your chance of winning 

  • Daily elimination draws will be held starting Monday, June 19th, 2023 

  • As long as one member of your team is still in the draw, your entire team is in the game 

  • Participants will be notified of the eliminations via a daily email and updates on the website 

  • The first full team eliminated will receive 24 beers (6 per team member) as a consolation prize 

  • Winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

  • Winning teams must be able to pick up their prize in Edmonton, Alberta by Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

  • Must be 18+ to enter 

  • Total tickets available: 571  

  • License #641153 

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Here’s everything you need to know to know about our spin on Beer Survivor:

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Backyard Beer Survivor supports HIV Edmonton – our local charity dedicated to making life better for people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. They focus on reducing HIV transmission rates and AIDS-related deaths, while working to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. 

    Advent of Beer🏝️Eliminated Ale Ambassadors (2nd PLACE) Ale's Well That Ends Well🏝️Eliminated Backyard Beer Bears🏝️Eliminated Bad Mother Chuggers🏝️Eliminated Barstool Bandits🏝️Eliminated BCDS🏝️Eliminated Beer Babes🏝️Eliminated Beer Ballers🏝️Eliminated Beer Collective🏝️Eliminated Beer Hoppers🏝️Eliminated Beer Nutz🏝️Eliminated Beer We Go Again 🏝️Eliminated Beerenstain Bears (4th PLACE) Bootylicious Beer Belly Brigade 🏝️Eliminated BORG Survivor🏝️Eliminated Boston Rob🏝️Eliminated Brew Brigade🏝️Eliminated Brew Crew🏝️Eliminated Brewed Awakening🏝️Eliminated Brews Brothers🏝️Eliminated Brews Clues🏝️Eliminated Brewsiders🏝️Eliminated Chill Pils🏝️Eliminated Chug Norris 🏝️Eliminated Crazy Schooner🏝️Eliminated D Squad🏝️Eliminated Fistric Beer Club🏝️Eliminated Glitter Guzzlers & the Brewtiful Beasts🏝️Eliminated Gnarly Budz🏝️Eliminated Groms, Beers & Vibes!🏝️Eliminated Here For The Beer🏝️Eliminated Hopfenschlingel🏝️Eliminated Hoppy Endings🏝️Eliminated Hops Heros🏝️Eliminated Hops Scotch🏝️Eliminated Just Here For The Beer🏝️Eliminated Label Lickers🏝️Eliminated Lager Legends🏝️Eliminated Laura and the Beer Snobs🏝️Eliminated Let's Get Pickled🏝️Eliminated Mother Liquor Tanks🏝️Eliminated Phat Bottom Boyz🏝️Eliminated Pilsner Pals🏝️Eliminated Pint Partners🏝️Eliminated Pint Sized Heroes🏝️Eliminated Pour Choices 🏝️Eliminated Pull a Pint🏝️Eliminated Radical Downtown Urbanites🏝️Eliminated RememberingRonan🏝️Eliminated Sarah's Sour🏝️Eliminated Shit Show Tours🏝️Eliminated Smarty Pints🏝️Eliminated Steiner Bros.🏝️Eliminated Stupid name 🏝️Eliminated Suds & Buds🏝️Eliminated Team Bickford🏝️Eliminated The Ale Blazers🏝️Eliminated The Ale-iens🏝️Eliminated The Beer League🏝️Eliminated The Beer Necessities🏝️Eliminated The Big Lebrewskis (1st Team Eliminated)🍻 The Brew Tang Clan (3rd PLACE) The Brookside Beer Club🏝️Eliminated The Grim Drinkers🏝️Eliminated The Guzzling Fuzzalings (1st PLACE) The Hoppits🏝️Eliminated The Hoptimists🏝️Eliminated The L'OCA Lushes🏝️Eliminated The Smooth Hoperators🏝️Eliminated The Stout Scouts🏝️Eliminated The Yeasty Boys🏝️Eliminated Three Guys, a Girl and a Beer!🏝️Eliminated
  • Day 9: June 25, 2024
    ELIMINATIONS: Beer Collective Phat Bottom Boyz Beer Hoppers The Brookside Beer Club Hopfenschlingel BCDS Hoppy Endings The Grim Drinkers Team Bickford Pull a Pint Mother Liquor Tanks Suds & Buds Just Here For The Beer
  • Day 1: June 17, 2024
  • Day 8: June 24, 2024
    ELIMINATIONS: Fistric Beer Club Three Guys, a Girl and a Beer! BORG Survivor The Hoppits Lager Legends Chill Pils D Squad The Ale Blazers
  • Day 3: June 19, 2024
    018 Kristie T- Laura and the Beer Snobs 003 Art L- Shit Show Tours 173 Jen R- Beer We Go Again 193 Chris M- Chug Norris 098 Trenton D- Steiner Bros. 211 Chris M- Beer Hoppers 168 Shannon K- Beer Ballers 213 Bill C- Beer Hoppers 192 Ali D- Chug Norris 236 Jillian A- Brews Clues 177 Lydia N- Brew Brigade 280 Krista M- Smarty Pints 055 Cameron S- The Ale Blazers 207 Michael S- Fistric Beer Club 243 Shayne W- Stupid name 101 Randy E- The Yeasty Boys 012 Rex B- Team Bickford 063 Jo-Ann D- The Ale Blazers 148 Claire P- The Hoppits 199 Jasmine B- Mother Liquor Tanks 086 Doug J- Phat Bottom Boyz 008 Kelleen T- Hops Scotch 069 Carrie S- Barstool Bandits 254 Rhianna M- The Beer League 164 Sarah P- The Big Lebrewskis 203 Daniel K- Crazy Schooner 046 Fletcher A- Pour Choices 090 Jayme L- Pilsner Pals 072 Keltie G- Beer Babes 266 Laura Z- BORG Survivor 116 Timothy T- Brews Brothers 083 Krista P- Brewsiders 259 Jeff G- BORG Survivor 227 Deborah N- Ale Ambassadors 067 Jesse L- Beer Collective 230 Stephen L- Beer Nutz 244 Trey M- Stupid name 160 Kathryn W- Boston Rob 135 Cam B- The Beer Necessities 045 Naomi K- Pour Choices
  • Day 6: June 22, 2024
    ELIMINATIONS: Here For The Beer Label Lickers Hops Heros Glitter Guzzlers & the Brewtiful Beasts Hops Scotch
  • Day 7: June 23, 2024
    ELIMINATIONS: The Beer Necessities Beer Babes Brews Brothers Laura and the Beer Snobs Pint Sized Heroes Smarty Pints
  • FINAL Elimination: June 26, 2024
    # Player Team 121 Damon K RememberingRonan 250 Tamara L The Hoptimists 246 Chris S Stupid name 002 Pamela S Brew Brigade 127 Gregory H Groms, Beers & Vibes! 144 Kenzie G The Smooth Hoperators 150 Brien S Pilsner Pals 214 Adetoun A Crazy Schooner 092 Geoff K Bad Mother Chuggers 052 Cameron S Pint Partners 060 Patrick H Barstool Bandits 124 Sara B The Hoptimists 026 Gregorio K The L'OCA Lushes 191 Talib R Chug Norris 139 Marc P Brewed Awakening 271 Darren M The Guzzling Fuzzalings 053 Cameron S Ale's Well That Ends Well 143 Pam P The Smooth Hoperators 159 Dana A Boston Rob 235 Braydon N Bootylicious Beer Belly Brigade 179 Marla Z Pint Partners 043 James L Radical Downtown Urbanites 174 Tawnya V Beer We Go Again 047 Daniel V Pour Choices 175 Christine R Beer We Go Again 009 Kelleen T The Stout Scouts 190 Craig H Chug Norris 141 Lydia N Pint Partners 245 Zach F Stupid name 285 Bruce R Backyard Beer Bears 234 Courtney H Bootylicious Beer Belly Brigade 119 Dave H Advent of Beer 082 Tiara A Brewsiders 033 Amanda S Brew Crew 228 John M Beer Nutz 167 Chris P Beer Ballers 289 Christina Z Beerenstain Bears 123 Katie S The Brew Tang Clan 084 Doug J Ale Ambassadors 270 Glenn K The Guzzling Fuzzalings WINNERS 4TH PLACE: Beerenstain Bears 3RD PLACE: The Brew Tang Clan 2ND PLACE: Ale Ambassadors 1ST PLACE: The Guzzling Fuzzalings
  • Day 4: June 20, 2024
    ELIMINATIONS: The Big Lebrewskis (1st Team Out) The Yeasty Boys The Ale-iens
  • Day 5: June 21, 2024
    Eliminations: The Beer League
  • Day 2: June 18, 2024
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