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Thank you to everyone who decided to buy a ticket and get in on the fun!

We are currently doing daily eliminations, with the final draw being on Wednesday June 28th

Missed out on the fun but still want to help out HIV Edmonton?

Click the link and make a donation.



A lot of lucky people are going to win a lot of beer. Here’s the prize breakdown. 


GRAND PRIZE  200 beers (50 per team member)  

2ND PRIZE  120 beers (30 per team member) 

3RD PRIZE  80 beers (20 per team member) 

4TH PRIZE  40 beers (10 per team member) 


Check out the local breweries that are in on the fun! Most of them have a taproom you can swing by in the city!

Want to try some of this great beer in the comfort of your backyard? Head to our partner The Tipsy Liquor to stock up.

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  • You can register as a team of four (4) or join as an individual

  • Cost to enter is $35.00 per person 

  • The deadline to enter is Friday, June 16th, 2023 

  • There’s no limit to entries purchased 

  • If you register as an individual, you will be placed on a team 

  • You can’t be on the same team twice, but you can be on multiple teams to increase your chance of winning 

  • Daily elimination draws will be held starting Monday, June 19th, 2023 

  • As long as one member of your team is still in the draw, your entire team is in the game 

  • Participants will be notified of the eliminations via a daily email and updates on the website 

  • The first full team eliminated will receive 24 beers (6 per team member) as a consolation prize 

  • Winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

  • Winning teams must be able to pick up their prize in Edmonton, Alberta by Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

  • Must be 18+ to enter 

  • Total tickets available: 571  

  • License #641153 

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Here’s everything you need to know to know about our spin on Beer Survivor:

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Backyard Beer Survivor supports HIV Edmonton – our local charity dedicated to making life better for people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. They focus on reducing HIV transmission rates and AIDS-related deaths, while working to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. 

  • Day 9 Eliminations - June 25, 2024
    Coming soon...
  • Day 1 Eliminations - June 17, 2024
    Coming soon...
  • Day 8 Eliminations - June 24, 2024
    Coming soon...
  • Day 3 Eliminations - June 19, 2024
    Coming soon...
  • Day 6 Eliminations - June 22, 2024
    Coming soon...
  • Day 7 Eliminations - June 23, 2024
    Coming soon...
  • Day 10 (FINAL) Eliminations - June 26, 2024
    Coming soon...
  • Day 4 Eliminations - June 20, 2024
    213 Leah W. Feeling Grape 389 Deborah N. You’re the wine that I want 376 Colleen B. Auntie-retrovirals 189 Ronald M. Rise & Wine 258 Brien S. Grape Minds Think Alike 180 Crystel M. Fab Four 293 Adrienne K. Whirling Winos 22 Megan S. I Decant Even 379 Pam N. Auntie-retrovirals 99 Lauren T. I Decant Even 153 Karen C. Wine in a Million 105 Jill H. How merlot can you go 101 Jim D. It's Wine O'Clock 75 Tiara A. "Bookclub?" 41 Stephanie M. Caber-Yay! 363 Graeme R. The Winespear Soloists 216 Lisa B. Viva La Vino 129 Kelleen T. Good JuJu 7 Jennifer M. In It to Wine It 260 Sara B. You Had Me at Merlot 138 Angela B. Pour Choices 2 215 Fern C. Viva La Vino 88 Val-Michael K. I Decant Even 276 Connie Y. Grigio Goddesses 346 Stephanie S. Pour Choices 3 181 Doug V. Fab Four 336 Angela S. "Iechyd da!" 359 Samantha V. Wine flies when you're having fun 45 Jo B. Rosé All Day 287 Ashley G. Grigio Goddesses 391 Dinah B. Grape Minds Think Alike 272 Bob G. 100 Bottles of Wine on the Wall 255 Gwen S. Feeling Grape 96 Tally M. Cats in a Lifeboat 183 Jan C. Partners in Wine 2 318 Tim E. Wine flies when you're having fun 173 Tammi H. Screw It! 143 Stella G. You Had Me at Merlot 387 Cressida H. Radical Downtown Urbanites 102 Shannon H. It's Wine O'Clock 28 Christine G. Bubbly Personalities 209 Dalee V. Candy Cane Elf’s 348 Kathy V. I don’t give a sip 144 Doris W. Gateway Association 86 Ciaran O. Sipping Away
  • Day 5 Eliminations - June 21, 2024
    Coming soon...
  • Day 2 Eliminations - June 18, 2024
    Coming soon...
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